Located in an outdoor mall in suburban Chicago. The client required different shopping experiences for the contemporary "Polo Sport" store. The 4,000 sq ft Polo Sport store has a white and stainless steel metal panel storefront. Large areas of glass provide significant views into the store from the mall plaza. The loft-like interior is set on two floors linked by a stainless steel stair set between sculptural wood blue lacquer fitting rooms. The main room is defined by a coved ceiling from which a rowing scull is suspended. The sleek and contemporary space is highlighted by elements that are part of the Polo Sport image: the video wall, the illuminated advertisements, and various sports paraphernalia. The palate consists of high gloss white lacquer cases with cherry or raffia interiors; custom fabricated brushed stainless steel hardware, column enclosures, and railings; painted gypsum board ceilings; and stained cherry flooring.