The project consists of a design studio, offices, showroom/events space, and a prototype in-store shop. The 12,000 sq ft loft space, in an 1868 landmark structure, has sixteen foot ceilings, north light, and cast iron Corinthian columns. 

The showroom is defined by three major architectural elements. A structural wood curtain wall of interlocking glass and plywood; fully high pivoting panels of aluminum an translucent Plexiglas; and an 80' long tapered plaster "gallery" wall. The tapered wall draws the visitor from the elevator lobby through the showroom space and to the corner windows with views to the city beyond. Three steps lead up to a raised platform serving as a stage and display area. The design studio is entered through a monumental 8 foot square pivoting door woven from slats of hardwood. The studio space is defined by a set of freestanding millwork work stations. The offices are conceived as an "urban space" with custom designed open offices workstations surrounded by "street walls" of glass enclosed private offices. 

Every attempt was made to reveal the underlying architectural qualities of the space. Existing cast iron columns have been restored by sandblasting. Careful integration of the mechanical systems in soffits and beams frees the terra cotta arched ceiling. Natural materials were used throughout, and detailed to emphasize their texture and grain. Floors throughout the showroom and design studio are of end grain hemlock wood. Cabinetry is stained or dyed laminated plywood with end grain exposed to emphasis its texture and fabrication.  Ceiling arches were skimmed and plastered, and the columns were left raw cast iron. The furnishings combine custom designed pieces with modern classics.