This weekend residence is situated on a dramatic site located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Comprising 110 acres of forested hillside, a corner of the property possesses an abandoned rock quarry. The 3,500 sq ft house includes a swim-in place pool, a jacuzzi, steam & sauna facilities, and an outdoor pool, and tennis court. 

The beauty of the rock quarry revealed itself as construction commenced, and the existing rubble was cleared to reveal the rock cliffs and ledge. The house is set on the quarry rubble promontory, oriented towards spectacular views of the highest peaks of the Catskill Mountains. The entry sequence takes you through the forest, past the grotto-like rock wall of the quarry, and through the heavy timbered entry structure. Rock landscaping walls, made of stone from the quarry, tie the structure to the site. Inside, each major space has been set to align with the three distant mountain peaks, Terrace, Wittenberg, and Devil's Ridge mountains. As one passes from room to room, the large windows frame unique views of the distant peaks.

The active roof profiles reflect the rugged nature of the site. Exterior cladding, sometimes rough sawn cedar plywood battens, other times Adirondack clapboard with wavy edge bark exposed, all stained barn red, recall the rusticity of local construction. The interiors are open and flowing, and feature cherry and slate floors, birch paneling, and a massive lodge style fireplace. The swimming pool was set against the cliff and blasted into the quarry ledge. Bluestone slabs which were left at the site were used to create a natural stone terrace around the pool. Landscaping included the creation of a stream fed pond, rock gardens, and a perennial flower garden set in the stone ledge.