Located in downtown Chicago, the four level building of 125,000 sq ft transformed the historic Medinah Temple into Bloomingdale's Home and Furniture. The historic presents supports the concept of shopping as theater. The store juxtaposes the historic theatrical elements of the Medinah Temple with the contemporary visual displays that Bloomingdale's is well known for. The interior design is modern to not compete, but contrast with the historical ambiance of the existing auditorium. The proscenium frame rises from the ground floor and continues uninterrupted to the third level through a slot creased along the height of the proscenium within the space. Set within the stage proscenium is a silver curtain washed with lighting creating a dramatic shimmer. In the center of the space, a large elliptical atrium contributes to the open concept while highlighting the glass elevator that rises to the top of the structures dome.