The classic-modern design for Barneys New York stores reflects the timeless style and contemporary look of the retailer's quality merchandise. The facades are patterned, in part, on European shopping arcades. The interiors-ranging from approximately 7,500-20,000 sq ft are designed as open spaces with tiers of curved light coves stepped up to a high ceiling. Freestanding walls, streamlined, cantilevered shelving, and a combination of modern, custom casework and early 20th century furnishings define various departments. 

This understated approach provides a clean setting for the presentation of sophisticated merchandise and emphasizes the distinctive fashion outlook of Barneys New York. Exotic wood veneers, hardwood flooring, and plaster walls create a warm natural backdrop, while steel, glass, and early modern fixtures and a crisp contemporary edge. Custom-designed mannequins, murals, and antique furnishings enhance the visual impact and give each store a distinctly unique identity.