The Ana Tzarev Gallery, at 24 West 57th Street, occupies 2,800 sq ft on the street level, and 8,000 sq ft on the entire second floor and 1,700 sq ft in the cellar. The design directive from the client was to shape a dramatic, inviting and theatrical entry gallery, which would draw visitors up to the second floor galleries. The procession through the galleries was designed to tell the story of And Tzarev's journey through her work and travels. 

The entire two story base of the 1920's limestone and steel facade has been redesigned to suggest a framed picture window. This two story portal, clad in Indian Black Galaxy granite, defines the two story glass wall, which affords complete transparency into the gallery. The glass and stone are flush with no obstructions, creating a modernist base on a classic facade. 

Visitors enter through a bronze clad portal into the “operatic" curving balcony. The center piece of this entrance has a dramatic elliptical glass and bronze elevator and with a cantilevered, curving glass, steel and plaster stair. 

The plan of the gallery is an expression of the varying themes and stories that the artist's work conveys. There are five contemporary yet formal galleries of varying sizes and color tones based on this progression. 

While very modern in its detailing, the galleries are organized in a classic enfilade of rooms. The visitor can see the full length of the gallery, yet enter each room separately and experience a particular phase or theme of the artist's work. 

The palette of the elliptical two story entry hall is made up of black terrazzo floors, ebonized English oak millwork and white walls. As one progresses through the second floor galleries, pale oak flooring with walls of muted tones and central coffered ceilings suggest a more elegantly classic modern architecture.